With my husband and I both working fulltime and renovating an old home on weekends, we had little time or energy for cleaning. Plus, who wants to spend any of their precious spare time cleaning anyway? Wendy’s Cleaning was the perfect solution for us.

Wendy has been my cleaner for the last five and half years. She is incredibly energetic and hardworking and takes great pride in her work. She is very focused on providing a very high standard of service and regularly asks for feedback about her work. She has always been only too happy to follow-up on any of my specific cleaning requests.

I have always found Wendy to be completely honest. In fact after Wendy has been we have often found little piles of coins stacked up, ready to be returned to us after Wendy has found them under the bed or down the back of the couch.

I am more than happy to leave a door key out for Wendy on her cleaning day so she can come into my house in my absence, knowing full well that she is trustworthy and will respect my home and property.

Wendy is always helpful and is very accommodating if cleaning times need to be changed to suit our special needs. Wendy is a dream come true and I cannot speak highly enough of her professional cleaning service. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her cleaning service to others.

– Kate Edmonds, Very Happy Client, 1st August 2010

I have known Wendy in the capacity of my cleaner for a period of two years.

During this time I have been impressed with both her attention to detail, and the flexibility in accommodating with my varying requirements over the years.

Wendy has proven herself trustworthy. On many occasions she has cleaned during hours that I am away from the house.

She is courteous, polite, easy going and observant to the extent that she will use her initiative as required.

Also… She always manages to be bright and cheerful, and I cannot help but be affected by her pleasant demeanour.

– Neil Atkins, 0421569888